IMG_0072Since I was in the third grade I have always been fascinated with story telling.  One of my favorite school projects was creating a book.  We made the covers from 8×11 pieces of cardboard and then glued two inch squares of colored tissue paper all over them with Mod Podge. My story was about a giraffe. I wish I still had that book!

When I was a teacher in Houston, Texas, I had a class of pubescent eight graders who were less than excited about reading and writing.  I tried to encourage them by telling them when they wrote a story they could be or do anything they wanted.  They could create their own world.  I’m happy to say that many of them responded in a positive way and together, we created some good reads!

I’ve been crafting stories and creating books since the third grade. Writing is a way to feed my soul.  I hope you enjoy my website!

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