Blake or Gillingham?

*Spoiler Alert* If you aren’t completely caught up on all 4 seasons of Downton, you many not want to read this post!

After getting over my anger at Matthew’s death at the end of Season 3, (it took a few months) I was finally looking forward to the new season of Downton Abbey, particularly to find out what happens to my favorite – Lady Mary.

Enter two new suitors, one Anthony “Tony” Foyle, the Viscount Gillingham, who was apparently a childhood friend of the Crawley children. Suddenly smitten with Mary, he breaks off an engagement to the Hon. Mabel Lane Fox, an exceeding good societal match, in order to pursue the grieving widow. Tony is dashing and chivalrous and clearly devoted to spending the rest of his life wooing Mary.

Then comes Charles Blake, a man working for the government to study the demise of England’s grand houses since the war. At first we assume he is a snobby commoner with a penchant for farming and pigs and then we find out he is to inherit a Baronetcy and one of the largest estates in Ulster. He is charming and good looking and has a way of putting Mary in her place.

And then there’s Napier, who has carried a torch for Mary since Season 1 when he was ousted by the exotic Kemal Pemuk, a Turkish Diplomat who takes Mary’s virginity and then has the nerve to die in her bed. Poor Napier. I think I like him, but his character has not been developed well enough to deem him worthy of the heiress!

I hope you enjoyed the video! Let us know who you choose for Lady Mary and what you think will happen in Season 5.

5 thoughts on “Blake or Gillingham?

  1. I had a moment to stop by for a visit — such a nice blog! I agree–Napier’s character is not well developed and I think we can take that as a cue from Fellowes not to focus on him too much.

    Blake is such a hypocrite, not so much because he stands to inherit an estate of his own, but because he knows perfectly well the cause for the Country House’s demise. And if he were in charge of farming in England, there would most certainly be widespread famine.

    Tony is lovely.

  2. Because these three gentlemen show no clear advantage to each other, I think they’re all red herrings, and something unexpected will happen. Perhaps Mary will decide not to marry. she has provided an heir. Perhaps she will go extreme and loosen up. She is a tad cold and wound up.

    I would like her to stun her parents and us by having fun with no intentions to wed.

  3. I agree that Tony is a better match. Blake seems like a complete contrast to Mary and we already saw that with Matthew. That finally worked but can we believe that lightening will strike again? Just seems too unlikely. Besides who wouldn’t root for a man who would dismiss his valet only on Mary’s say so. He’s a good man.
    BTW, I too write historical mysteries and am thrilled to have found you blog, Kari!

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